Aging Gracefully and Strong


Aging Gracefully and Strong

Do you want to remain strong and energetic as you age? Do you need a trusted source for anti-aging information? Are you looking for solutions that are medically sound but not chemically invasive?

Dr. Melinda Silva bridges the realms of traditional and integrative medicine. Her focus is on promoting wellness and quality of life, not merely treating symptoms and illness. She is on a quest to show women that we no longer need to be at the mercy of the aging process or to endure its uncomfortable side effects.

Aging Gracefully and Strong can empower you with practical tools to live the vibrant life you want. The letters of the alphabet provide the setting for 26 easy-to-implement strategies for healthy living and smart aging—all backed by solid research, and seasoned with experience and anecdotes. Each chapter concludes with a manageable action step, and together these can help you make the years ahead ones that you’ll look forward to.

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