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EMSCULPT Treatment

EMSCULPT®, along with diet and exercise, is helping both men and women reduce fat and sculpt muscles.

Dr. Melinda Silva and her team’s mis­sion is to help people reach their opti­mal health with a cus­tomiz­ed treat­ment plan. Dr. Silva is a spe­cial­ist who is highly trained and uses her med­ical knowl­edge in both holis­tic and tra­di­tional med­i­cine to come up with a per­son­al­ized health plan for you to feel sex­ier, look younger, get leaner and live stronger.

Dr. Silva seeks to help people reach their ideal healthy body goals in a safe manner. EMSCULPT®, along with diet and exercise, is helping both men and women reduce fat and sculpt muscles on the abdomen and gluteal (buttocks). This cutting- edge technology offers a safe, painless and non-invasive procedure option.

EMSCULPT® is the first and only device that uses Electromagnetic Therapy to help sculpt muscle and melt fat. It is FDA cleared to target muscle, is completely non-invasive, and painless. With just two thirty-minute treatments needed for two weeks, results are seen almost immediately and there is no downtime!

According to BTL Industries Inc., the company behind the making of EMSCULPT®, “average patient satisfaction was 96%” and…“Over 16% saw an average increase in muscle mass”. The research, data and patient results all show that EMSCULPT® is a great treatment to consider.

Whether you want to ace your abs for that trim look or build your butt, EMSCULPT® is the perfect, natural solution for you! “EMSCULPT® gets people to their goals faster and motivates them to stay there,” said Dr. Silva in an article by Local Umbrella News, “citing that a half-hour session is equal to 20,000 abdominal crunches or 20,000 squats.” Naturally sculpt up your abs and butt for that perfect and polished look that makes healthy look beautiful!

EMSCULPT® Treatment Time

Treatments typically last about half an hour to forty-five minutes long. Treatments plans are a least a four session minimum around three days apart. Be sure to work with a licensed provider, such as Dr. Melinda Silva, to get a personalized treatment plan that works best for you.

How Does EMSCULPT® Treatment Feel?

While patients relax and lay back, electromagnetic pulses cause powerful contractions of muscles and muscle tissue akin to a high intensity workout. As a non-invasive procedure, the treatment has no prep or post session recovery time needed.

How Soon Are Results Seen?

People feel results during the session as the treatment is happening. Results generally begin to show anywhere from two weeks to a month after the final session has been completed.

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