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Bioidentical Hormones

Hormone replacement therapy​

Bioidentical hormones are compounds that have the exact chemical structure as the hormones that are produced by your own body. They are a safer and more effective alternative to synthetic hormones which have been linked to cancer and heart disease. Bioidentical hormones can help you age gracefully and reduce symptoms of perimenopause or menopause in women and andropause (low testosterone) or midlife crisis in men. Some symptoms of lower hormone levels are weight gain, low sex drive, hair loss, wrinkles, memory loss, insomnia, high cholesterol, hot flashes, headaches, heart disease, stroke, bone loss, body aches, fatigue, dry skin, anxiety and depression.


Hormone replacement therapy can be delivered by creams, pills, injections or pellets. Dr. Melinda Silva will personalize a treatment that is right for you.​

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Female Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy for women​

The median age for menopause is 51 years old, but perimenopause symptoms such as mood changes, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, hot flashes, weight gain, decreased libido, vaginal dryness, hair loss, etc. can occur up to 15 years earlier (typically after 35 years of age). Research shows bioidentical hormone therapy, a safer alternative to synthetic hormones that can cause cancer, can help to balance emotional and physical changes and help to restore energy, mood and sex drive. The bioidentical hormones can help women to feel stronger and live healthier and happier. Don’t delay treatment, you deserve to feel well and get your life back!

Hormone imbalances can occur during teenage years causing irregular or painful periods. Pregnancy and postpartum changes can also change periods and cause mood changes. Other hormone imbalances can be caused by PCOS, endometriosis and ovarian cysts. Find out if bioidentical hormones can help you.

Male Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy for men​

As men age they may be experiencing decreased muscle mass, poor recovery from workouts or less energy.  Many men want better sexual performance and overall better vitality while some may have anxiety or trouble sleeping. Overall, we have found that most men simply want to feel like themselves again.

Common symptoms of low testosterone in men can include:

Difficulty initiating and/or maintaining an erection
Hair Loss
Recovery Issues
Loss of Muscle Mass
Increase in Body Fat
Decrease in Bone Mass
Mood Changes such as depression and anxiety
Sleep Disturbances
Brain Fog and memory issues
Decreased stamina

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Mental Wellness

Support brain function and optimal health

Mood Issues

Hormonal influences can worsen anxiety and depression for both men and women. These changes can occur during teen years through young adulthood. Pregnancy issues and abnormal periods can cause mood changes as well. After 40, both men and women can suffer with worsening anxiety and depression. In men it is referred to as the “grumpy old man syndrome” and commonly seen with declining levels of testosterone. In women the changes can happen more quickly and can be more dramatic. Schedule an evaluation to find out if hormone therapy and natural supplements can help you. It is important to followup with your doctor right away if you feel like you want to hurt yourself or others, or if your mood changes are worsening.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Fatigue is the most common symptom of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), also known as Post-Concussion Syndrome. TBI can cause hormonal deficiencies leading to symptoms like depression, memory issues, personality changes, anger, sleep difficulties, weakness and loss of libido.

TBI can also lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and is caused by head trauma from sports injuries, war combat, abuse, or accidents such as cars, bikes or falls. Dr. Silva is a TBI certified specialist and prescribes a customized treatment of bioidentical hormones and supplements to support brain function and optimal health. Veteran and student discounts available for brain injury consultations.

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Peptide Therapy

Libido & sexual health concerns

Peptide therapy can help with a wide range of health conditions such as weight loss, increased energy and stamina, improved libido, and balancing hormones. While Peptides are naturally produced in our bodies, as we age the production of peptides decline. Popular among elite athletes, peptide therapy can specifically target the use of specific proteins to trigger a cascade of reactions in the body to help with strength and recovery. Ask if peptide therapy can help you with wellness, stamina and building lean muscle. Discount consults available to discuss if peptide therapy is the right treatment for you.

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