Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy uses your own concentrated platelets and growth factors from your own blood to stimulate bone growth and heal tissue. PRP is commonly used to improve sports injuries by decreasing inflammation and pain. Research shows that PRP helps to heal tendon and ligament injuries, muscle tears and cartilage damage from arthritis, trauma and aging.

Dr. Silva will inject your shoulders and knees to improve your chronic pain and is a safer option than cortisone injections.

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PRP Hair and Scalp

Therapy for hair loss

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from the patient’s own blood serum. The patient’s blood is placed in a centrifuge where each part of the blood is separated. The platelet rich plasma is isolated and used to inject into the patient’s scalp. This PRP is rich in growth factors and new hair follicle stimulating cells. PRP has long been used for enhanced wound healing and joint restoration but has now been found to actually stimulate new hair growth.

Non-surgically, several studies have shown increased hair density at 4 months lasting for approximately 11 months. Usually injections are done 3 times, the second one after 4 weeks and the third injection 8 – 12 weeks from the first injection. Maintenance injections are done once to twice a year. We have pharmaceutical topical solutions and medical grade supplements that also help to grow and maintain hair. Dr. Melinda Silva also optimizes hormone therapies to grow and very importantly, maintain hair growth.

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PRP facial

Minimize facial lines and wrinkles

The PRP Facial is the latest non-surgical procedure, which provides a gradual, balanced approach to a more youthful appearance. Dr. Silva offers customized treatments to help you achieve your desired results.

The benefits of using PRP (from your blood) is to use your body’s own cells to stimulate new tissue and healthier skin with less risk of allergic reaction. The PRP contains growth factors which are beneficial for healing injuries. The PRP helps damaged aging skin to produce new collagen and elastin for a healthier and more youthful skin. Your skin will be rejuvenated with smoother, clearer and glowing complexion!

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Rejuvapen for PRP facial

Boost skin rejuvenation

Stimulate collagen production with a PRP Facial treatment with Rejuvapen. This treatment can help with tightening skin, improving tone, texture and pigmentation, minimizing wrinkles, and more. The procedure involves drawing blood using a medical grade micro-needle to target and extract growth in your platelets by creating thousands of micro perforations on the skin.

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Micro Needling

Reduce the signs of aging

Microneedling is also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy, using tiny short needles to puncture skin superficially to help stimulate collagen and elastin. The skin is prepped and numbed with local anesthetic so it is a painless procedure. Research has shown that microneedling is a safe and therapeutic option for the treatment of scars and wrinkles. Microneedling has also been shown to improve stretch marks, tighten the skin, minimize pore size and reduce hyperpigmentation.

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