In an ideal world, we all have the time, the means, and the energy to work out and achieve our dream bodies. Unfortunately, not all of us can or want to do that. Perhaps it’s impossible for you to prepare healthy meals for yourself and it’s even possible that despite your efforts to work out as often as you can and eat as healthy as you can, your body seems to not want to let go of those extra pounds. 

The thing is, it may not even be your fault but that of your genes. You might have a slower metabolism and it’s harder to lose belly fat. Maybe you’ve always been conscious of your arms and legs that no amount of exercise couldn’t tone. If that’s the case, you might want to consider body sculpting. 

In this post, your trusted body sculpting center in Chula Vista shares what you need to know about this non-invasive and effective body contouring method:

Different Methods of Body Sculpting for the Removal or Reduction of Fat Cells

There are two main categories of body sculpting: surgical body contouring and non-surgical body contouring. Both these techniques are generally safe and are approved by doctors all over the world. 

Surgical Body Sculpting

The most popular method of surgical body contouring is liposuction. This requires anesthesia because it’s surgery. One of its top benefits is that most would only need one session to get unwanted fats removed from targeted areas. It also offers skin tightening. However, there will be a recovery period that could last for a few days to a week and you’d need about two weeks to fully see the results. 

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting

There are several types of non-surgical treatments that can effectively reduce fat cells in certain areas of the body. We will discuss two of those treatments here.

Body Contouring Using Ultrasound and Radiofrequency

Ultrasound and radiofrequency can be used to reduce body fat in a short timeframe. It may not be instantaneous like liposuction but certainly shorter than other non-invasive methods. Like liposuction, you can enjoy a skin tightening effect after your treatment. Depending on the machine used by your doctor, your treatment sessions could be weeks or months apart.

Body Contouring Using Cold Temperatures

The use of freezing temperatures to reduce fat is a fairly new technology. CoolSculpting is a permanent procedure that involves the use of a non-invasive device that breaks down fat cells by exposing them to an extremely cold environment. The fat cells are destroyed and then absorbed by the body. If you choose to get CoolSculpting, you will need treatments every few months to see amazing results. 

Do Body Sculpting Treatments Deliver Results?

Body sculpting treatments are effective in reducing fats from certain areas in the body and can drastically improve your body shape. Depending on the specific treatment that you choose, the change could be instantaneous or gradual over the course of several sessions. 

Note that while the results are permanent, in the sense that the fat cells removed cannot return, new ones can still form if you do not do your part in maintaining your new figure. It means that after getting your body sculpting treatment, you need to watch what you eat and stay active to ensure new fat cells won’t form. 


Body contouring methods like liposuction and CoolSculpting are definitely effective in targeting areas in the body with excess fats that are hard to eliminate even with exercise and diet. Whether you choose an invasive or non-invasive method, you’ll get desirable results. However, remember that you need to be more careful not to gain back the fats you lost by choosing healthier food options and working out regularly.

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