EMSculpt Neo treatments work best for people who want to lose weight without undergoing expensive surgical procedures or taking drastic diet and exercise measures. It’s also ideal for those who can’t see visible results from following a diet and exercise plan. 

Moreover, EMSculpt Neo treatments are gaining popularity because it allows patients to reduce fat and tone their muscles without disrupting their daily lives. 

We previously discussed factors hindering your weight loss journey and what body parts this treatment can improve. We also tackled what to expect at your appointments and how EMSculpt Neo treatments work. This article will answer your frequently asked questions. 

Is This Procedure Safe?

EMSculpt Neo treatments are safe and effective for people who want to improve their physical appearance and boost their confidence. 

Can It Improve Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti occurs when the two sides of your abdominal muscles separate. It can happen during pregnancy, and a stomach bulge is evidence of this condition. Some women need to pair their exercise plans with physical therapy or surgery to correct the issue, which can be costly.  

Fortunately, EMSculpt Neo treatments can improve the stomach bulge in only four treatments over two weeks. It’s a much quicker and more comfortable way to achieve the same results. 

Can I Book an EMSculpt Neo Session before a Special Event?

This treatment can help you feel and look your best in no time, thanks to its minimal recovery time and quick results. You can book a contouring session to prepare your body for a special occasion, such as a beach getaway or wedding. 

Am I Qualified for This Treatment?

Whether you want to lose fat and gain muscle or are an athlete struggling to get your dream body through lifestyle changes, you might be an ideal candidate for EMSculpt Neo treatment. It can target stubborn fat and help you achieve a more attractive, sculpted physique. 

It’s also ideal for those with injuries or mobility issues or those who are getting older and struggling to exercise regularly. 

Who Should Not Receive This Treatment?

While this treatment is non-invasive and gentle, you must remember these people should avoid booking EMSculpt Neo sessions.

1. People with Health Conditions

People with metal implants or certain health conditions and pregnant women can’t receive this treatment. They’re better off finding alternative forms of healing.

2. People with Loose Skin

This body contouring method won’t reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin. You’re more likely to enjoy the results when you get cellulite or skin tightening treatment with an EMSculpt Neo process if you have noticeable areas of sagging skin or dimpled cellulite.

3. People with Large Fat Deposits 

You should never make EMSculpt Neo treatments as a substitute for weight loss if you have excessive fat in the targeted area. 

How Long Will This Treatment Take to Improve My Body?

This treatment can improve your body quickly and efficiently, with effects seen in muscles within two weeks and fat loss over the next several weeks, possibly continuing for up to six months.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

Your doctors can offer two treatment plans – four over two weeks or five sessions over five weeks. They can discuss the benefits of each choice and recommend a schedule that suits your needs at the first consultation. 

How Long Will the Results Last?

While this treatment may permanently remove fat cells from your targeted areas, you can maintain a toned body by following a balanced diet and exercising regularly. You may also need maintenance treatments for more optimal results. 

Sculpting a Better You

Everybody deserves to feel confident with their bodies. Educating yourself about EMSculpt Neo treatment and consulting your healthcare providers can help you make the best decisions for your fitness journey. 

Melinda Silva, MD, is a wellness doctor in San Diego offering reliable EMSculpt Neo treatment sessions to help patients regain their self-confidence and dream bodies. Schedule a consultation today!