People often make assumptions about a person’s character or personality based on physical appearance. This can be especially true regarding the face and double chin. Research suggests that strangers will form opinions in just a fraction of a second, and these opinions can be strongly affected by the presence of a double chin. 

Fortunately, a revolutionary treatment from anti-aging doctors can help reduce fat cells in the chin area, allowing people to look and feel their best: Kybella.

This FDA-approved treatment is a quick and effective way to eliminate double chins without going through the risks and costs of surgery. It uses a synthetic chemical made from natural acids that quickly breaks down fat. This procedure is non-invasive and minimally invasive, making it ideal for people who don’t want the hassle and expense of a surgical procedure. It offers a fast and efficient way to eliminate unwanted fat without going under the knife.

Kybella patients usually are

  • Afraid of others visually judging their double chin.
  • Worried that their double chin negatively impacts fashion choices.
  • Convinced a double chin makes them look older.
  • Think a double chin makes them look heavier.
  • Frustrated they can’t get rid of it.

What Are Double Chins?

Double chins are an accumulation of fat cells at the base of the chin caused by many factors. They can be difficult to eliminate, even with diet and exercise. The area under the chin is often slower to burn fat than other body parts, making it difficult to slim down. 

Many factors can contribute to developing a double chin, and not all are directly related to gaining weight. These may include aging, weight gain, genetics, or poor posture.

How Does Kybella Treatment Help?

This treatment uses a tiny needle to inject a solution into the fat beneath the chin, breaking down the fat cells and ultimately resulting in a slimmer, more contoured chin area.

The typical length of a treatment session is 15 to 30 minutes. Following the treatment, you may experience some mild tenderness or redness that lasts up to two days. There should be no other effects, and you should not need to take any time off work afterward.

This treatment involves injecting a substance into the submental fat (under the chin), which will destroy the fat cells, preventing them from returning. After injections, your chin area will look less full and have a more pleasing shape. The fat cells will no longer be able to accumulate, making the results of the injections long-lasting. You’ll look younger and slimmer, making Kybella effective through the hands of a professional anti-aging doctor.

The treatment area will be numbed with a special cream to start the process. You must wait a few minutes for the cream to take effect and fully numb the skin. After the anesthetic has been applied, any extra cream will be wiped away. Then, a map of dots will be outlined on your double chin.

Your double chin will be injected with small doses of synthetic deoxycholic acid, delivered in separate syringes. These injections will be administered through a map of marked points on your chin.

You may experience minor swelling and soreness in the injection area for up to a week. You will be provided with a head wrap and advised to use ice or a cold pack as needed. Refrain from strenuous activities for at least three days and schedule a follow-up visit to assess progress and plan future treatments.

In Closing

Kybella treatments are medically-approved, safe, and fast! You’ll look younger in less than a month, so book an appointment with a licensed doctor to regain a youthful appearance in just a few steps!

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