CoolSculpting® is an advanced and unique technology that’s not like any other procedure out there. Instead of freezing you like an icicle, it cools the targeted area to reduce fat cells. I understand this can be confusing as a doctor, so I want to help you better understand the procedure. This is so that you’re prepared to know what to expect for the entire process.

First, What Is CoolSculpting?

This technique utilizes cold temperatures to eliminate unwanted fat cells. It works by freezing fat cells, making them crystallize and die. Afterward, normal waste naturally eliminates these cells from the body, providing a permanent solution to fat removal. 

It is a revolutionary technology that allows people to eliminate surplus fat cells without any operations, cuts, or drugs. This innovative approach is globally renowned and provides a helpful solution for those struggling to lose weight through diets or exercise. 

What Happens?

You won’t need to take pain medications or undergo surgery to complete this procedure. Instead, it will be a simple and quick process that won’t require you to take any time off from your daily activities.

A CoolSculpting® gel pad is applied to the skin to protect it from the cold, and an applicator is then placed on top of the gel pad. The applicator is connected to the area of fat you are targeting and will remain there for the duration of the treatment. Cold temperatures cause the fat cells to die, while the gel pad protects the skin and nerves.

The vacuum-like applicator is applied to the fat area and cools and freezes it. After the process, the applicator and gel are removed, and you can continue your day.

What Does It Feel Like?

As the temperature drops, a distinct chill will be experienced briefly. This is a normal sensation, like when a cold compress is used on a hurt area, and the area around it becomes numb due to the cold. This effect will last for five to ten minutes.

When used, the applicator will create a sensation of suction, tugging, and possibly slight pinching. This is only temporary and will disappear when the cold numbs the area. You don’t have to stress about any negative effects of the numbing.

After your treatment, you won’t notice much. After the treatment, you may experience a slight sensation of pins and needles as the skin and nerves return to life. It’s like when your feet or hands fall asleep and start to tingle when the feeling returns.

And don’t worry; this is incredibly safe. It’s approved by the FDA and has been through thousands of clinical trials to approve its methods. While there are cooler temperatures that you feel freezing or numbness from, none of those cause any long-term damage to your skin or body.

Talk to Dr. Melinda Silva about Cryolipolysis

Suppose you need clarification on this new approach to fat loss. In that case, I highly recommend talking to a medical practitioner familiar with the procedure so they can answer all questions and address your concerns—like me!

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