CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment that helps you reach your desired body goal without surgery or liposuction. Results from CoolSculpting are not immediate, but you will see a difference over time as your body goal is reached. You may not need a strict diet and exercise routine to reach your ideal body shape with CoolSculpting, but following a healthy lifestyle will help you maintain your results.

How Many CoolSculpting Sessions Will You Need? 

The number of sessions you’ll need to reach your goal will depend on how much fat you need to remove. You may only need one treatment session if you have a small amount of fat to deduct. If you have more fat to remove, you may need two or more sessions spaced several weeks apart. Each session removes 20 to 25 percent of fat from the treatment area.

How Soon Do Results Appear?

The results of a body sculpting treatment will not be visible right away. The treated area will reduce fat cells over a few months as the lymphatic system removes them from the body. Waste will eliminate most of the destroyed fat cells from the body.

Many patients prefer CoolSculpting’s slow and natural fat reduction process as it gives the appearance that they have achieved their results through diet and exercise rather than through body contouring treatments. With this method, fat is not removed suddenly, so patients can decide if they want their friends and family to know that they achieved their results through body contouring. Results will peak six months after the treatment, at which point patients will have reached their desired goal.

How Long Do Results Last?

The benefits of this body contouring treatment are long-lasting and can even be permanent. The only time the benefits would be lost is in rare circumstances, but you can improve and maintain the results with a healthy lifestyle.

When the fat is removed during treatment, it cannot grow back. Your body only has a limited number of fat cells that expand when you gain weight. Once those fat cells are removed, you will not see as much fat growth in the treated areas. We recommend maintaining a healthy diet and frequently exercising for the best and longest-lasting results.

What Results Can You Expect?

Body contouring is a great solution if you’re looking for a way to slim down and change your dress or pants size. With this treatment, you can expect to see a difference in how your clothes fit, and you may even be able to tighten your belt after the treatment.

Body contouring can help sculpt the body by removing unwanted fat deposits that diet and exercise alone cannot eliminate. This can improve confidence and self-esteem as well as help to improve the overall appearance of the body. However, body contouring won’t help you lose significant weight if you’re not close to your ideal weight. It is not a recommended treatment for obesity.


CoolSculpting is a great non-invasive option for those looking to get rid of stubborn fat. Depending on the individual, results can be seen as early as a few weeks after the treatment, with the most noticeable results appearing after two to three months. While no downtime is associated with CoolSculpting, some patients may experience temporary redness, bruising, swelling, or tingling sensation. Overall, CoolSculpting is a safe and effective way to eliminate unwanted fat.

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