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Start Your Weight Loss Journey

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Healthy Weight Loss and Diet Plans

Improve unhealthy lifestyle habits, decrease your appetite, and boost your immune system.

Nearly half of adults in America alone are trying to lose weight and you probably find yourself fitting into this statistic… which is why you ended up here! Losing weight is not always easy, and often it takes a lot of patience as well. Finding the right weight loss plan is essential for your success. Trust Dr. Melinda Silva to help find the right weight loss management solution for you. Dr. Silva offers “Skinny” (affordable natural fat burner supplements), B12 and HCG shots to help you reach your weight goal. After you lose the extra weight, Dr. Silva can help with nonsurgical options such as CoolSculpting to help you reach your ideal body.

With health and wellness being the number one priority, Dr. Silva uses her med­ical knowl­edge in both holis­tic and tra­di­tional med­i­cine to determine which weight loss program will be the best solution for your needs. Her highly educated and medically trained background allows her to suggest a per­son­al­ized health plan that will work for your lifestyle, and one that is the best choice for your current health status.

Contact Dr. Silva’s office today and setup a consultation to discuss the full range of weight loss solutions that are available to help you start your weight loss journey.


Silva MD Detox

Eliminating certain foods and focusing on a low-glycemic, antioxidant-rich diet supports well-being and good health. This detox plan goes beyond dietary modification and strives to achieve an optimal health outcome.

Dr. Silva’s detox is a one month plan that helps to remove toxins from the liver, kidneys and intestines. Removal of these toxins has proven to clear inflammation and fat.

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Vitamin B12 Injection Therapy and the “Shot Bar”

Vitamin B12 has numerous health benefits including improving digestion, supporting heart and brain function, boosting your immune system, and helping you to lose weight by increasing your metabolism.

Dr. Silva will customize your B12 injections to help you with weight loss, energy, stamina, sleep, focus and concentration.

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EMSCULPT® is the first and only device that uses Electromagnetic Therapy to help sculpt muscle and melt fat. It is FDA cleared to  target muscle, is completely non-invasive, and painless. Clinical tests show with just 4 treatments (two 30 minute treatments each week for two weeks), significant results are seen with no downtime! Naturally sculpt up your abs and butt for that perfect and polished look that makes healthy look beautiful! Ask for EMsculpt club, with treatments as low as $100 each (more than 80% off regular price)

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The Vanquish system is a non-invasive, non-contact Selective RF Technology that selectively heats adipose tissue to the point of apoptosis, while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. The result is a safe and natural decrease in the adipose tissue layer.

Vanquish fat removal is a new, revolutionary procedure in permanent fat reduction and removal, offering painless and surgery-free treatments that requires no downtime. Vanquish is the fastest treatment in terms of time (large and multiple areas in just 30 minutes), as well as with results (seen in just weeks, not months), giving patients dramatic results. Studies have shown permanent reduction of two inches, up to four inches, in the abdomen after a series of four treatments over a four week period.

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Once Dr. Silva is able to help you reach your optimal weight, there are other toning, firming and fat burning solutions that will help you fine tune those difficult areas that don’t want to disappear. CoolSculpting® is one great example. Learn more below!


CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive treatment that can help both women and men get rid of those stubborn bulges. Once you reach your optimal weight, CoolSculpting will help you to lose unwanted fat and look slimmer in your clothes. Click here to find out more about how Coolsculpting works and if it’s right for you.


Discover your best body and reach your opti­mal health with a cus­tomized treat­ment plan. Schedule a personal consultation or call us today at: (619) 761‑1574