No matter how much you work out, sometimes, there is always that extra little belly fat that will not go away. While this is completely normal, certain cosmetic treatments would help.

One specific treatment that is gaining popularity recently is Vanquish Fat Removal. To learn more about Vanquish, keep reading below.

What Is Vanquish Fat Removal?

Vanquish Fat Removal is a non-invasive treatment that contours your midsection to get rid of any excess fat like love handles, muffin tops, and more. It uses thermal heat, disrupting the fat cells and making them disappear. This treatment is perfect for those who do not want to undergo surgery and only want to contour their midsection, targeting the areas that are not rid of exercise.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, it uses thermal heat. Starting out with radiofrequency, this then turns to thermal heat once under the skin. Reaching up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, it heats the adipose tissues and then causes disruption among the fat cells causing them to shrink and be destroyed permanently.

The fat cells are not removed from under the skin and remain until your body absorbs and breaks them apart. Eventually, they are released into the body, where they are excreted, and this completely eliminates the fat in the area.

Who Can Do This Treatment?

While almost anyone can undergo this treatment, it is specifically aimed at those who hope to lose the excess fat in the midsection area. Specifically, this is designed for those who want a non-invasive treatment.

However, Vanquish Fat Removal is also not allowed for people in certain situations. Below is a list of people who cannot undergo this treatment:

  • People with implants (metal and non-metal)
  • People with tumors in the area being treated
  • People who are pregnant

It is also important to note that this is not made for people who are overweight. We emphasize that this treatment only removes excess fat in the midsection without completely removing all your fat.

Does the Treatment Hurt?

Vanquish Fat Removal likes to pride itself on the fact that it does not hurt at all. Many patients would compare it to a hot stone massage or a heating pad. Because of its lack of pain, there is no downtime, making it more advantageous to those who want to get back to their daily routine immediately.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

While the number of sessions necessary will vary from one person to another, it is typically scheduled to be four treatments. Each session will have one week in between them to maximize the effects of the treatment.

What to Do Before the Treatment?

A few days before, on the day, and at least four days after the treatment, you need to drink a lot of water. It is important to keep your body hydrated, especially after it is exposed to a higher level of heat. Although the treatment does not have downtime, only light physical activities like walking is encouraged after the treatment.


No matter if you are aiming to lose the fat in your midsection area or are looking for an alternative to surgery, Vanquish would be a great option for you. Despite the fact that it is non-invasive, it is still proven to be effective. However, make sure that you are a good candidate for this treatment, and remember, it is only made to contour your body and not result in major weight loss.

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