Is Your Immune System in Tip Top Shape?

Now is the time to boost your immune system if you can. Dr. Silva highly recommends this combination of professional grade immune boosters, especially right now.

Note:  If this page is still up, we still have some in stock. Order today and Dr. Silva’s team will mail them to your home.  Please limit your order to TWO PACKS PER FAMILY – thank you!

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Order Your Immune Pack Now

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Thank you for your interest in our immune boosting supplements that will help keep you healthier during a stressful time.

Natural supplements will aid a healthy immune system to be stronger but not cure an illness. There are lifestyle changes that help boost your immune system such as veggies, exercise,  good sleep, meditation, water,  and surrounding yourself with the love of family, friends and pets.

The Immune Pack that we are offering contains professional grade supplements to help maintain and support your body’s defense against immune challenges.

ProImmune Plus (PorbioMax IG 26)  supports a healthy balance of microflora to promote digestive health and enhances the integrity of intestinal mucosa. It also provides immunoglobulins and immune regulating factors to promote systemic health.

Immune Essentials will help support against foreign and microbial challenges and give you strong antioxidant support. It Includes Oleuropein (olive leaf extract) can help to suppress a number of viruses, including those that cause the common cold.

Vitamin D is actually a prohormone that boosts your immune system by stimulating naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides, which protect the body by destroying invading microbes.

Zinc helps to regulate immune function, aid in wound healing and is commonly used to help combat viruses responsible for the common cold.  Both Vitamin D and Zinc will work together to help decrease inflammation and speed up the healing process.  Remember, the supplements work better when lifestyle changes such as sleep, nutrition and exercise are also implemented.  They are not a cure, but rather to “supplement” your body’s defense mechanism to prevent illness from worsening and help keep your body stronger.

IMMUNE PACK DIRECTIONS (45-day supply or more if taken as directed):

  • ProImmune Plus (ProbioMax IG 26):  – Take 2 tablets daily
  • Immune Essentials: Take 1 tablet daily
    *If you only buy 1 of these you will run out before the other supplements – its ok to continue with the other supplements without this one.
  • Vitamin D3 5000 IU: Take 2 daily for first two days, then drop down to 1 daily
  • Essential Zinc: Take 2 daily for first two days, then drop down to 1 daily

Any questions email  or call 619-761-1574