Weight gain is a common problem many people avoid. However, sometimes you put on weight even if you’ve done your best not to do so. Unwanted weight gain occurs when you put on some pounds even if you’ve already followed a strict diet or exercise plan. Many factors can cause a spike in your weight, including some you might not expect. 

Here are some unintended weight gain causes you must not ignore and how body sculpting centers can help.

1. Physical Inactivity

A balanced diet is not enough to ensure a sound lifestyle. Regular physical exercise is also crucial for keeping a healthy body and weight. However, living a sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and unwanted weight gain. 

The fact that not exercising can make you put on weight without cutting down on calories might shock you, but it’s true—quite a scary thought to ponder. This is why numerous healthcare experts recommend regular exercise.

Adding at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise can help you lose weight. At the same time, reducing sitting time by taking breaks in between helps prevent unwanted weight gain.

2. Aging

At the same time, weight gain is more common as we age due to our lack of physical activity and changes in eating habits. As we age, we naturally gain weight, as our muscle mass declines while our fat mass increases. 

A protein and fiber-rich diet, vigorous exercises, getting enough rest, and reducing stress can help combat weight gain as you age.

3. Hormonal Imbalance

Your hormones are responsible for controlling several bodily processes, such as our mood and metabolism. As such, insufficient or excessive hormones can affect your normal bodily functions. Committing to a lifestyle change can help reduce symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

4. Pregnancy

Having a baby bump can also make women gain a significant amount of weight. This is because many hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, causing a pregnant woman to eat more and gain more pounds.

Putting on too much or gaining too little weight can lead to complications, such as heart disease or low birth weight.

5. Anxiety and Depression

At the same time, unstable hormones can lead to depression in men and women. Stress also increases your cortisol levels, a hormone that can cause weight gain. Likewise, stress can make someone turn to overeating as a coping mechanism. 

Certain antidepressants can also be a culprit to putting on a few unwanted fats.

How Body Sculpting Centers Can Help

While committing to a proper diet, regular exercise, and getting more sleep can prevent unwanted weight gain, body contouring services can also help you regain your confidence. Body sculpting centers offer painless and non-invasive methods to remove stubborn fats. 

Shaping a Fitter Future 

Gaining weight can be frustrating and negatively affect our self-esteem, especially if we put on a few pounds even after following a strict diet. Factors such as physical inactivity, aging, and hormonal imbalance are a few culprits behind this problem. 

But did you know you can painlessly reduce fat? Melinda Silva, MD, offers effective MD weight loss counseling in San Diego to help you regain your self-esteem and build a healthier future. Our body sculpting center also provides painless fat reduction procedures. Contact us now and request a consultation today!